Sync all of your digital menus in one place.

Chowly's MenuMatch technology allows restaurants to easily manage their digital menus. This feature allows menu updates to be made in one place and published automatically to all of your third-party and direct channel online ordering apps easily. If your restaurant Is equipped with our POS Sync technology, menu changes can be pulled directly from your point-of-sale system and pushed out to all of your online platforms automatically.
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Third-Party Marketplace Partners Include:


With This Technology, You Will Gain:

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Operational Efficiency

Save time by only having to make each update once

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Menu Optimization

Complete control of your menus for each platform

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Superior    Data

 Accurate reporting for all online orders

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Menu Consistency

Synchronize menus across all locations and brands 

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Point-of-Sale Integration

Chowly captures each online order, transmits that data through your POS, and sends order tickets straight to the kitchen as if an employee typed it in.  Learn more.