There's third-party ordering.

Then there's Ordering with Google.


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Turn 'Food near me' Searches into Sales

Google has entered the digital ordering space with Direct Order.

Google has partnered with Chowly to bring a direct ordering solution right from your restaurants’ Google page.

No more third-party frills and hidden fees—just more money in your pocket.

It's simple. 

Simple Ordering Process

Customers can order food right on your restaurant's Google page and complete the entire transaction without leaving Google's interface.

Lower Commission

Direct Order commission: 5%
Third-party commission: 20-30%

Menu Syncing Technology

The integration connects your POS menu to your Google menu, so any changes made in your POS system automatically update your Google page.

Taco Nazo3-2-1

Direct Order with Google helped Taco Nazo increase delivery sales by $73k

Within the first three months after adding on Direct Order with Google, Taco Nazo’s three locations added on $73,000 in additional revenue, saving them over $12,000 in third-party fees. This was roughly 1,900 more online orders at an average basket size of $40.

% of consumers

The Blue Button

Almost every restaurant has the blue ordering button on their Google page, however it often leads to a third-party app, where commission fees are 20-30%.

There's a better option.



By enabling Google's Direct Order, you'll only pay a 5% fulfillment rate, plus a processing fee, and your customers never have to leave your page.

It's easy and keeps money in your pocket.

Customers Find You

One of the top Google searches includes 'Food Near Me'. There's no need for expensive marketing efforts as customers are already searching.

The orders come to you.



Maintain full control of your order data to re-target new customers, or to learn more about your demographic. 

Whatever it is, you control it.

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