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Apr 1.2020

One Size Does Not Fit All


“How do your customers like to order?” This – a question that would have raised quite a few eyebrows 10 years ago – is now a key consideration for...

Feb 13.2020

How to Use Social Media for Your Restaurant


With over 3.03 billion individuals using social media and over 200 million posts with the hashtag #food, restaurants have the opportunity to use social...

Jan 15.2020

How Online Ordering Can Drive Your Business


It is hard to deny that third-party delivery is making a major impact throughout the restaurant industry. What some are calling, “the off-premise...

Jan 17.2019

The Next Phase in Delivery: Virtual Kitchens Are Here to Stay


As off-premise restaurant trends dominate headlines with ideas like drone-delivered pizza, it’s tough to distinguish reality from clickbait. Virtual...